Friday, December 6, 2013

BEST birthday surprise and other recent happenings...

I've been wanting to blog about all my recent happenings, but life just gets a little crazy sometimes. 

First of all I just have to say, one more week before my LAST round of chemo!  I can hardly wait to be done.  Although my anxiety level is starting to creep up.  Being in bed for over a week when I have SO MUCH to get done for Christmas is not ideal, and I hate being so sick.  I still have shopping to do and presents to wrap.  By the time I will start feeling up to anything, it will be just a couple of days before Christmas.  (It's really hard to do everything last minute when the kids are already on Christmas break.  Especially when you are trying to sneak around.  Nosy little buggers.)  Also, I really don't even feel like sitting at the computer after chemo because I am too sick and my hands hurt too bad, so online shopping won't work.  I worry about being out in large crowds.  When my blood levels are not great, I worry that I could catch something.  I guess I could always strap on a mask.  Yikes.  Should be interesting tackling the task.  It's all good.  I like to keep life interesting. 

My eyelashes and eyebrows are SPARSE to say the least.  My eyebrows are very thin and have "bald spots".  Nothing that I little makeup can't fix.  My eyelashes have several areas with nothing.  I hope they will grow in quickly.

The last 2 rounds of chemo I noticed that I was having killer shooting pains in my head.  Kind of like a MAJOR brain freeze.  I just thought that I would just kind of monitor it on my own for awhile.  It seemed like it was happening more and more frequently.  It was starting to really concern me, so I finally called the doctor.  When I talked to Denae (one of my favorite nurses) she seemed a little concerned.  (She didn't come out and say it, I could just hear it in her voice and questions.)  She told me she would talk to the doctor and call me back.  A short time later, she called and asked me if I could go to the hospital right then for a CT scan.  I was worried that the cancer had started to go other places.  Was it in my brain now?  I think when you worry about something your mind starts to play tricks on you, and you start to think the worst.  I had the scan done and they said they would call me later that evening.  After several hours of no news, I called the hospital.  The guy that did the scan told me that everything looked normal.  Phew!  What a relief!  I guess it is just another bonus of chemotherapy or maybe caused by all the steroids I have to take before chemo.

It looks like Christmas cards are not going out from our house this year.  I usually have pictures done and cards addressed before December and I have them sent out at the very beginning of December.  I guess when life gets crazy and you feel like road kill, you have to let a few things slide.  It really bugs, because I like to be on top of things, and I love Christmas cards!

My birthday was November 30th and I received the greatest surprise EVER!  Since we moved in to our new house, the front entryway living room has just been full of decorations that I haven't put up (all over the floor).  We also didn't have any furniture in there.  It just wasn't a priority.  For the last 6 months I either don't feel good, or don't have energy.  I figured that I would get to it one of these days.  All of my siblings talked and decided that instead of spending money exchanging Christmas presents for each other, that they would use that money to buy us furniture for that room.  My mom was also included in the gift.  She has been wanting to buy me a couch since I had to shave my head.  For a long time she would say to me, "I want to buy you a couch because you had to shave your head."  I would tell her no and just laugh.  She is a persistent little lady.  When Monica found out what my mom had been saying, she got the ball rolling on the gift idea.

I was gone when they all came over and did a room over-haul.  John was also not home (my brother Kevin came and got him because he was not aware of what was going on either).  All of my siblings and brother and sisters-in-law were at my house when I got home (except for Lisa and Curtis).  They all had their cell phones out recording John and I.  Of course I cried and added some ugly snorts.  I just couldn't believe that they had done this for us.

New couch, picture, tables, chairs, lamps, and decorations!  I love the room!  I have the best siblings, brothers-in law, sisters-in-law, and parents in the world!!  The support and help we receive from them is priceless.


MAnderson said...

I think that is one of the nicest things I have ever seen. What a great family you have and your mom is a living doll! I love the living room and I am especially coveting those chairs...they are beautiful.
Good luck with your last round of chemo. Also, I love and I mean Love Love wrapping presents. If you would like me to I would wrap them all for you! Please, please let me! It is something I can do besides bringing dry cinnamon rolls!!!

Ashley and Cody said...

What a thoughtful family you have! You deserve this and so much more! You have been through so much. Hang on you're almost done!! Happy birthday a little late:)