Thursday, October 5, 2017

Second child flew the coop

In September I drove my Brynny girl to BYU-Idaho.  I spent a few fast and furious days in Idaho.  We spent the time moving her into her apartment, grocery shopping, getting her books, student ID card, purchasing campus workout clothing, and visiting family. 

Brynn isn't living with anyone she knew before college.  I encouraged her to live with people that she didn't know because sometimes you just have a hard time getting along with someone when you have known them for a long time.  So far they seem to get along fine.

Brynn has done an amazing job so far with going to bed early, getting up early, studying like crazy, and eating fairly healthy.  She got a 101% on her first Biology exam!  She is nailing this college stuff, and we are proud of her!

Thank goodness for FaceTime and phone calls.  We have been able to talk everyday and I don't feel so sad.  You just about can't find a better person to hang with or have as a friend.  She is so easygoing and pleasant to be around.  Love you Brynny!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Idaho visit

I recently made a trip to Idaho to sing in a Regional Singles Choir that was directed by my Aunt Janet.  My sisters and I were asked to be guest singers for the concert.  We sang five different songs (some of them we were joined by the choir).  I'm sure that the choir had been rehearsing for several months.  They did a great job and looked good in their matching red and white outfits.  The chapel was decorated with a nativity, and garland and wreath draped across the stand and podium, among other decorations.

When the concert was over, there was a gentleman that asked my sisters and me if we could go somewhere private to talk.  I didn't recognize him and thought it was an interesting request.  It took a few minutes to pull us all away from visiting with people.  Across from the chapel there was a small classroom that we gathered in.  I thought maybe the man was just going to thank us and I was kind of confused why he needed us in private.

He stood there choked up and teary eyed.  He told us he had already left the church and driven his brother-in-law and sister home, and he had a strong impression that he needed to return to the church and share this experience with us.  He told us that he knew our dad.  He said that while he was sitting there listening to us he thought to himself, "I wish Doug could be here to hear this."  He then told us that he heard my dad say, "I am.  And aren't my girls beautiful?  And didn't they do such a good job?" Then he said he felt a warm hug like a blanket wrapped around him.  He cried while he talked to us, and we all cried listening to him.

Oh boy did my dad love to hear his girls sing!  A lot of the time he couldn't sit still while listening and it was always with a big smile on his face.  The day before he died he was very tired but was still coherent and talking.  He told my sister Lori that he wanted us to keep singing.  We all miss seeing his proud face while we sang.  He was definitely our #1 fan.