Friday, June 27, 2014

Car Search

A couple weeks ago, John was in a car accident.  He was stopped at a stop light and noticed in his mirror that the car approaching was coming fast....too fast.  It didn't look like it she was even going to break at all. Sure enough, she slammed into the back of him.  The force of the collision caused John to hit the car in front of him, and that lady hit the car in front of her.  Shortly after the wreck, John called to say that he was in an accident and needed a ride.  I went to pick him up with all of the kids because we were heading to Brynn and Jace's piano recital.  When we got close to the scene I could see a lady standing in the back of her SUV wearing handcuffs.  She had failed the sobriety test and the police said her vehicle reeked of marijuana. John was completely stopped.  She was probably traveling 45-50 mph, and didn't even touch her breaks. 

So, now we are in search of another car.  Car shopping can be such a royal pain in the butt.  This car was paid for, and we certainly won't get what it is worth from the insurance company.  Grrrrrr.  On the bright side, John wasn't majorly hurt.

THE TRACK RECORD---This is the 4th car John has totaled.  He was driving our white Buick on the interstate and hit a patch of ice. Bye, bye Buick.  In dental school he was driving our Geo home from the school (read that story here) and hit a TRAIN.  Holy heck!  The 3rd car was a tan Altima that was totaled a couple years ago (read that story here).  The 4th car was this little beauty, and I don't think I will be buying him a motorcycle anytime in the near future.

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