Sunday, September 13, 2015


Four youth from my ward recently made it a personal challenge to raise money for Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City by doing a climb-a-thon.

A few weeks before the climb the boys put on their white shirts and ties and went to some local businesses seeking pledges.  They were able to raise almost $3000.

It was a 3 day, 15 trail mile, 1.3 vertical mile climb up the Middle Teton.  There was a total of 3 leaders (my husband included) and 4 youth (my son included).  They came home dirty, tired, and sore.  Most importantly, they came home knowing that they can do hard things....with bragging rights as a bonus.

They are pointing to the middle Teton.  It was an extremely smokey weekend due to all the wildfires in the area.
Jace has the GREATEST friends!  I am so grateful for that!
On the way up
Here they are at the top!  Way to go guys!

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