Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mommmmmm, we're BORED!

Okay, I'm not going to beat around the bush, I am ready for school to start. The kids are starting to drive me and each other CRAZY. They are tired of me nagging them to clean up the house and get their "job chart" done. They also need ME to entertain them. What happened to the good ole days of going outside to play for hours and using your imagination. Thanks to TV, video games, computer, etc., kids have become less easily entertained and they all have A.D.D. I now have a password on the computer and am threatening to trash all the T.V.s. What a mean mom. It will be nice to have them back on a good schedule. They are all looking forward to school starting. I think they are all a little tired of it too. Okay I will get off my soap box.

We took the kids swimming the other day. We spent most of the time in the pool racing back and forth across the pool for gold, silver, and bronze medals. The rest of the time was spent on the diving board jumping off. Riley and Brynn were learning to do front flips and dives. By the time we were done swimming we were all starving.


Tai said...

Cute Heidi. No I totally don't blame you for wanting your kids to go back to school. I know what you mean about having to entertain the kids. I am just the way mean mom and make my kids play with their toys and stuff and hey it is a fight I can always win...for now!!! Come down here and they won't be bored!!

Vaughn and Erin said...

Your older girls look so much like you and the two younger ones look like John. I wasn't ready for school to start this year, summers just seem to go by way to fast. My kids are just growing up so fast. But I have to say that now that they are in school it's nice to have a few hours of quiet. How old are your kids now? Looks like you had a fun summer.