Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Painful Family Home Evening

For the last little while Brynn and Jace have been suffering with a loose tooth. Brynn was telling me about how things were getting stuck under the loose tooth and it was bothering her. So after our short Home Evening lesson, I mentioned Brynn and Jace's plight to John. He was just like a kid in a candy store. He went and got some dental floss and one at a time, made them lay down across his lap.

The first patient was Brynn. She was very hesitant and shed a few tears. I'm not sure why she was crying. Her tooth was so loose it did not take much effort to get it out. I think she was just nervous. She has never been good at getting splinters out or anything of the sort.

The next patient was Jace. His tooth was not nearly as loose. John had to work on his tooth a little more. He just laid there calm and unflinching. I couldn't believe how still he was. That is very uncharacteristic of Jace. I think it was more painful to watch. I'm not a real fan of things like that.

Haley was hovering around Brynn and Jace during their "procedures". She saw the blood and was quite interested. When Jace was about done, I said jokingly, "Who's next? Haley do you want to go next?" She looked at me like..."What the heck". It was funny to see the look on her face.
Jace and Brynn after the "proceedure". Brynn doesn't look too happy.
Missing the two front teeth. I'm sort of dreading the LARGE front teeth that will grow in. That is always the "awkard" stage.
Dad with his dental assistant

Dad with both dental assistants


Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

This is so classic too. I love the pics. I am totally loving your "who's next" comment. I can only imagine her face at that moment. By the way, we were all looking at the blog and as soon as the song came on Ry says "dance mom, dance!"

Tai said...

Too funny. I am impressed they let John pull their teeth!! I am sure he was in heaven!!