Friday, June 19, 2009

Rock Climbing

John took Riley, Brynn, Jace, and their cousin Shade, rock climbing today. Here are some pictures from the outing. (I'm not sure why Jace didn't get his picture taken).

Shade, almost to the top.

Riley was trying to climb with a bum-arm. She doesn't have a lot of arm strength right now due to the stitches and bruise. (See previous blog entry)


Tai said...

UUMM... sounds like you have been having all sorts of fun!! I can't believe they are already out rock climbing. That looks like a terrible wound. Don't you love it when something bad happens and you just sit there and kick yourself going, what a great mom I am. I do that stuff all the time. There is no way you could know. I am sure any other time she would have been fine. So sorry!! HOpe everyone gets to feeling better... SOON!!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

what great pictures! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. What faith you have Heidi!