Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

Today I took the kids down by the river to feed the ducks. We happened to have a bunch of bread, hot dog buns, and bagels that were no longer any good. There are a lot of geese, ducks, and birds that LOVE it when people come to feed them. At times the geese almost get a little aggressive when they see you coming with bread. They all want the piece that you are about to throw. Haley was enjoying herself at first. Then, she started to feel a little threatened by them. I think I would feel nervous too--after all, they are as about as tall as she is.

Haley could hardly get in the car fast enough and get the door closed!

The geese were starting to make even Riley and Brynn scream and run. They also felt better once they got in the car. The geese were not going to hurt them, they were just being big chickens.

Jace stayed out the entire time and kept them well fed.

He's a good little buddy.

Once the geese were gone, Haley was able to smile again.

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Tai said...

I hate to admit that sometimes I feel a little intimidated by birds sometimes. They seem like they just want to trample you or something. I can't imagine being little! They would seem just huge!! Do you remember when we got a bird in our house in dental school??? That was enough to freak me right out. Those little black eyes watching you are freaky!!