Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip to Florida

I haven't blogged for a little while because......John and I just got back from a 10 day trip to Florida. We went with all my brothers and sisters (and their spouses), and my parents. All of the 55 grand kids, with the exception of 3 little babies, stayed home. It was just one-big-huge-adult-whopping-PARTY! There was a total of 25adults and three babies. My dad rented a three story beach house for us to stay in while we were there.

The next 6 pictures were taken off a website for the house. They are a little blurry. It shows the house without all the family and junk food. :)

The house was just a 3 minute walk to the beach. It was private, yet close to lots of stores and the beach. All the days just seemed to blend and I never even knew what day it was when we were out there with the exception of Sunday.

Dad rented 4 cars that we used to get around. We each had a walkie talkie and spent a lot of time quoting funny sayings from movies. We are dang funny, if I do say so my dang self.

Random sign in Alabama that made me laugh.

Here are just some of the highlights...
Sunday my dad woke up not feeling all that great. We just went to Sacrament Meeting as he was running a fever. My parents have been told by dad's doctor that he should go to the ER if he ever gets a fever. After Sacrament Meeting, all the men in the family stood in a circle and Kory my brother-in-law gave my dad a blessing. After the blessing, my dad decided to go to bed. He slept for quite a long time. When he woke up, his fever was gone and he was feeling a lot better. We were all so relieved that he was feeling better. We didn't want him to spend the family vacation in the hospital. Dad was definitely shown tender mercies from the Lord.

Monday morning the guys went golfing and the girls headed to the beach. We got lots of beach time in the entire week. The beaches were beautiful white sand. It was so different then the beaches that you see in California. We were blessed with great weather and ZERO oil from the oil spills. Although they say that the oil was on its way! We were blessed to not have to deal with that at all. We decided to say "tar balls" if something was not going right on the trip. It was funny hearing people yell out "tar balls"!

Tuesday several of the family members went deep sea fishing. I think about 1/2 of them ended up getting sick on the boat. It was a serious rocking boat. Those that did not go deep sea fishing went shopping at the outlet mall. I chose to go to the mall as I feared my stomach would not be able to handle it. Glad I made that choice!

Wednesday dad rented a pontoon boat and three jet skis. We spent most the day out on the ocean...playing HARD! That was such a fun day! That night we went to a resturant that was RIGHT on the ocean and outside. It was called the Dancing Iguana. We had a total blast! They had a band playing music. We were all crazy and decided to do a conga line. The eight sisters ended up singing "Sincerely" and the band played with us.

Proud Momma and Dad.

Every night we would all get together for a devotional. Every family was assigned a night to share a thought and teach a short lesson. At first I was a little apprehensive about doing this every single night. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. It was very inspiring to listen to everyone, and hear them bear testimony. I really learned a lot from everyone. My brother-in-law stood one night and said that he felt impressed that Brian was there with us. Every night was just a great spiritual experience. It truly was a blessing. I'm sure that my parents were so happy to hear their children bearing testimony of the gospel. Knowing that my dad doesn't have much time left with us made it all that much more special.

There is NO WAY to describe the fun that we had on this trip. It was so relaxing, fun, and such a great bonding experience. It was so much fun to hang out with all the family!! I am so blessed to have such an awesome family.



Erin said...

What a great trip to take with just Adults! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time together. I love can you not have a great time at the beach with all that sun.

Dr. John Owen said...

One of the best times of my life! Great place...GREATER PEOPLE! Thanks to everyone, including Grammy Alma who flew to Idaho to watch our kids. Thanks Mom and thanks Doug & Deanna!

Emily Andrus said...

You beat me to posting this--all the more tempting to steal a few of these lovely pics from you! We had so much fun. It went by too fast, but we definitely made some memories. :)

lindygirl said...

I am so glad you were able to have this time with your parents and siblings. Family is so important. It made me emotional to read your account of your vacation. Hang in there.

DST said...

Good For You Guys! Sounds like a blast.

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Looks and sounds like the ultimate party!!! Glad you had so much fun!

Curtis & Nichole said...

Thanks Heidi for ALL the updates and funny family photos! Florida was great! Can't wait to get everyones pictures! We are all so lucky to have the opportunity to go :) special huge thanks to Doug & Deanna.....and I have to admit the time without kids was better than Curt & I had expected :)hehe