Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun 4th

The weather was on the cold side this year for the 3rd/4th of July. I couldn't believe that I wore long pants and a long sleeved shirt to watch the parade! I thought that it was going to be miserable. But, I was pleasantly surprised while I was there. Normally the sun is beating down on you and it is just too uncomfortable. I was actually glad that it wasn't too hot this year. It felt great!

Riley is eating a fudge sickle. She may not like this picture, but look at her GORGEOUS hair! She has such thick great hair! LUCKY girl!

Jace and his cousin are pretty excited about something!

Haley's lovin' the horses!

After the parade we had a picnic at Monica's house (my sister). We ate and the kids had their OWN parade there. It was cute to watch them in their different costumes. They were so excited to have their own parade.

Jace...you're an animal!

Dad and Quin

This summer we have also been up to....

One night it was so late that we read the scriptures and had family prayer. Haley ended up falling sound asleep during family prayer. Poor little tired girl!
We also had our annual neighborhood cul-de-sac fireworks party. Everyone loved it except Haley. She didn't like the loud noises at all. Haley and I went into the house EARLY!


Heather Davies said...

Oh man! I missed the best parade of all! Love the pictures from the parade in Monica's backyard. Looks like a blast! Sad I missed it.

Tai said...

Happy Late 4th! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. A 4th of July parade in a long sleeved shirt... I can't believe it! That is awesome! It was cooler down here but definitely not that cool. Hope you are all doing well

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

You have such a daring family. It looks like you had a great time. Riley is like a lookalike of you Heidi! She's just gorgeous. There is no way I would give all that family time up--for any amount of security or money. What a blessing you have in all that fun time!

Curtis & Nichole said...

Bummer about bad 4th of July weather...but the kids parade seemed to be a hit!

Curt & I both commented about Riley getting so grown-up and beautiful when we looked at all the family pictures....watch out Heidi & John :)