Monday, November 1, 2010

5th Sunday Lesson

Yesterday was the 5th Sunday of the month, so they combined the Relief Society / Priesthood for a lesson.  Normally I would miss this, because I would be in Young Womens.  However, yesterday the bishop and his counselors were meeting with the youth so I was able to go be an "adult".

A man in the ward gave the lesson.  He is a lawyer here in town, and the lesson was about Living Wills, etc.  It was all good information.  When he started his lesson and announced what the topic was going to be about, I thought to myself, "Good thing I am not feeling emotional today".

While he talked my mind went---I thought about meeting with my mom and dad's lawyer before and after he passed away.  When he was very very sick, I went to a meeting with two of my brothers and parents.  My dad was making sure that all of his affairs were in order.  During the meeting, I sat and watched my dad wondering what he was feeling, wishing I could just make it all go away.  I was embarrassed that I couldn't contain my tears as I sat and listened.  And shortly after that meeting, meeting again with the lawyer after my dad passed away.

So much for not feeling emotional during the lesson at church....I could feel my face getting warm and tears welling up in my eyes.  So many of the things that he was saying, just made the emotions flood back.  I was wishing that I was sitting in the back of the room, in the corner.  But no, I had chosen a seat in the front side of the room, so that I was facing the majority of the people in the "L" shaped room.  Nice.  Hopefully I was able to be somewhat discrete as the tears began to fall.

Good heck, I miss my dad.

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