Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little worker bee

Last week, early in the morning, we drove past my mom's house and she was outside working.  That lady can work like no other!  We pulled the van over to talk to her and see how she was doing.  She informed us that she was just about to mow the lawn, but that she had to replace the mower battery.  From there our conversation went something like this...

ME:  You changed the battery by yourself?
MOM:  Of course, I grew up on a farm you know?
ME:  Good grief, you could work circles around anyone.

And from the backseat Jace pipes up...
JACE:  She is like 10 men rolled together in one!

My mom thought that was completely hilarious.  She threw her head back and laughed for about a minute straight.  Yes, that woman, all 100 pounds of her, can out-work ANYONE I know.  That is a fact that no one can least anyone that knows her.

We like to joke with my mom that she has 2 speeds....

If she is sitting down, she is in the "off speed", and will completely fall faaaaast asleep.  She has been known to doze off in the car at a stop light (with the car in park), only to be awoken by the man driving behind her.  (He hopped out of his car and was tapping on her window asking her if she was okay.) 

Another "off speed"--She has been known to fall asleep WHILE her visiting teachers are at her house.  I'm sure they are wondering if they should just cover her up with a blanket and tip-toe out. 

I think the reason she has the "off speed" is because she is always up at the crack of dawn, working her guts out.
I recently took at picture of my mom's lawn mower.  If you look closely at it, you will notice a large bag of beans on the seat.  Why the beans???  Well, her mower has a sensor that gauges when you stand up, and the mower automatically shuts off.  Basically, it is a safety feature.  The only problem is, my mom doesn't weigh enough to keep the mower running.  Without the bag-o-beans mom is constantly dealing with the mower shutting doesn't recognize that her tiny body is even sitting on the seat.  So, she gets to ride around for a couple of hours on a bag of beans.  Makes my butt hurt just thinking about it.  When I suggested disengaging the sensor, she just replied, "It's not that bad!"
My mom (in her favorite yard work garb).  Long sleeved jacket, hat, gloves.
Not a ray of sun will touch her skin.
My brother took this picture and posted it on his Facebook page...under it, it says, "Deannimal"
We have, on several occasions, been able to see and visit with Elder L. Tom Perry.  (Several years ago, he stayed at my parents house with his wife.  He was the visiting General Authority for Stake Conference when my dad was the Stake President.)  When Elder Perry spoke at my dad's funeral he said about my mom (referring to when he stayed at their house)...
"Deanna was truly an inspiration to me.  In fact, I have to admit it's the only home that I've been into that I tried to get their vitamins.  I wanted the same vitamins they had!  Such life and vitality!

When Elder Perry set my parents apart as Mission Presidents, he said this about my mom...
"I have traveled and been to wards and stakes all over the world, but I've never met a woman with more energy than your mother."

In my mom's high school yearbook, next to all the Senior pictures, there was a short saying...Next to my mom's picture it says, "My what a little spark can do".

They broke the mold after my mom was made.  She's amazing.


Par 5 said...

Yep. She is amazing. Perhaps she could spit some of her motivation and energy this way...It seems I'm lacking quite a bit on both those... :)

Heather Davies said...

She is the bomb!! She totally put a bunch of guys to shame when she helped move us out here.