Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Parade

This year, my stake was in charge of a float for the 4th of July parade.  I was on a committee (with several others) to carry out some of the various responsibilities.  One of my assignments was to find a few children to ride on the float.  Another assignment was to have all the Young Women help paper mache a large eagle head.  We spent time during one of our activities working on it.  A very talented man in the stake created the head out of chicken wire and we did the paper mache.  Once it was finished and dry, he painted it.

When I made my first phone call to find kids for the float, Jace overheard me and was dying to be one of them.  So, I figured if I'm in charge of this...I have to find the kids, and buy the shirts have to wear, go to all the meetings, he already knows about this and is absolutely dying to do it.....why not let him do it.  The other 3 kids on the float were kids he knew from church and school.  He was just so excited to be with them.

The night before the parade, I could tell that Jace was so excited.  He looked like he was going to have a hard time falling to sleep. 

This nest was made for the kids to sit in during the parade. 
The front of the float next to the eagle head would be military.

Jace knew what street we would be sitting near.  As the float approached, I could see him looking all around trying to find all 50+ of us (sitting with my family).  I told everyone that he was coming and they cheered their loudest when he got in front of us.  He could hardly contain his excitement.....

I just love that cute kid!!

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