Friday, August 10, 2012

A little behind--trying to catch up. Lately....

I had foot surgery on Friday, July 27th.  Holy Helena Montana!  It was a little harder to re-coop then I thought it would be.

I was IN BED for 11, yes you read that right, 11 days.  At first I was like, this won't be so bad, I can watch the Olympics and just relax.  Holy bed sores Batman!  Every time I would get out of bed, my foot would just throb!  I had to keep it elevated and even though it was hard to stay in bed, I just had to.  That was the only way to keep my foot from totally killing.  When I did get out of bed, I had to use crutches to get around.  My foot was quite swollen.  Brynn and I kept laughing at my poor fat toes.

My house, well it was a total mess.  My kids were good to help bring me things, but lets face it---Moms just CAN'T stay down for long.  I think it was really good for my kids to have to step it up and help...makes them appreciate things more.  John went out of town 2 different times during the 11 days.  So, we ate a lot of pizza.  Luckily Riley has her drivers licence and I could send her to pick up things.

So, why the surgery???  Well, I had a lump on the bottom of my foot that would not go away.  In fact, it was continuing to get bigger.  I saw a podiatrist last year and he was not sure what it was.  So, I made an appointment with my brother-in-law Dan, who is a Dermatologist.  He was not sure what it was either.  So instead of shaving it off, he had to completely cut it out.  It was a large cut so he could get clean margins.  I have a total of 11 stitches on the ball of my foot. 

He sent the tissue off to be tested.   It took a while to find out the results.  THANKFULLY it was benign.  It was a collagenoma, which is really rare.  Just glad that it is done and I'm on the mend.  Still have the stitches...they should come out ANY day.  I am walking with a little gimp because my foot is still very sore.  Can't wait until I can up and run again.  Sooo gross...

Next recent happening--
Riley turned 16 years old on Monday.  Oh. My. GOSH!  I am SO not ready to have a daughter dating.  I hope all the boys that want to take her out are good with me giving them a full back ground check before they can take her out.  I'm not going to let her go out with just anyone.  I'm going to be like one of those TSA workers--nice and thorough.  The boys need to realize that they should be more scared of me then they should of Riley's dad....and they should be scared of him too.

I'm having a hard time staying focused on this blog post with that nasty foot in my face.  Hee hee!

Monday through Wednesday we had a "A" Family reunion.  All of my siblings were there except Lisa and Charise.  It was fun to see everyone.  We went to Downata Hot Springs and camped.  Yes, it was hard to camp with my stupid sore foot.  And I was not able to swim because of the stitches.  So, I sat out and worked on my tan. :)  It was fun to watch everyone swim and I think everyone had a great time.

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