Monday, February 18, 2013

Feeling the spirit

A couple months ago Jace came home from school with a sign up sheet for 6th grade ski school.  He was so excited to participate!  Riley and Brynn both went to, and enjoyed ski school.  So, I filled out the form and sent some money to the school.  John decided he would take time off work (the afternoons of the ski school) and do it with him.  John scheduled the time off and they were ready to go.

The day before the first day of ski school, one of Jace's teachers had one last paper for all the students to have signed.  Jace said he was really excited when she came in the class with the paper.  As soon as he went up to get the paper, he said he heard a voice telling him not to go to ski school.

When school was over for the day, Jace came out to the car and started telling me about his experience.  He was having a hard time explaining it to me.  He was very emotional and he just kept telling me he didn't think he should go. 

That night, John and I talked to him and told he to pray about it, think about it, and he could decide in the morning.  The next morning, he told us that he didn't think it was a good idea to go.  He was sad that he was going to miss it, but he felt very comfortable with his decision.  He sure is a good boy!

Last Monday night for Family Home Evening, Jace taught us a lesson on Agency and Accountability.  We watched THIS movie and had a nice discussion afterward. 

Somehow the discussion lead to when my dad passed away.  My dad passed away on a beautiful Sunday morning.  My husband and kids were at church, and I was up at the hospital with my mom and siblings.  I related to my kids about all the events that transpired that morning.  I told them how I wished they could have been there to witness it.  It was so amazing to see my dad sleeping peacefully up until the very end.  Right before he passed away, he started sitting up and mumbling up toward the ceiling.  It was very apparent that he was talking to someone.  It felt like there were many others in the room with us.

To me, it was a very spiritual experience.  It was almost as if you could SEE his spirit leaving his body.  I was so happy that I could be there at the end with my parents and all my siblings.

While I was relating this story to my family, I could see that he was having a huge affect on Jace.  He was having a hard time blinking back the tears.  After we were done, Jace just kept talking about how good he felt.  I told him that he should write it all down in his journal.  That night, he stayed up until about 11:00 frantically writing in his journal.  I am so grateful that he is growing up and starting to recognize the spirit.

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