Friday, August 16, 2013

This past week...

This past week has been busy, yet I've been doing a lot of sitting around.  It just feels better to sit than to stand.  Standing and walking (with the help of gravity) just doesn't feel too good on the incisions.  It's just too much pulling down on everything and when I say everything, I mean my boobs.  I constantly have my shoulders scrunched up around my ears and I don't have a lot of use with my left arm.  It is incredibly sore from surgery and especially where the lymph nodes were removed.  When I straighten my left arm out completely, I get pains that shoot down my arm and around my elbow.  I pray that this goes away in time.
Riley turned 17 last week, on August 6th.  The last couple of months, she has planned to "ring in the birthday" with our new friends and neighbors from across the street.  At 10 minutes to 12:00 3 neighbors---Brenna, Spencer, and Mitchell met up with Riley, Brynn, Jace, Haley, and my niece Madi--outside to set up.  They put a table and chairs right in the middle of the road.  Around the chairs they strung caution tape.  They played a Go Fish tournament.  While playing the games, they ate Gold Fish crackers and Swedish Fish.
Thursday, August 7th I went to the hospital for a CT scan.  They were checking to make sure there was no sign of cancer in my chest, lungs, abdomen, and pelvis.  I cannot believe how nervous I was for the scan.  I couldn't bear the thought of any more bad news.  When I got to the hospital, I was feeling very emotional (wow there's a surprise).  The guy doing the scan began with hooking me up to an I.V.  In the I.V. he shot some iodine that would help them to see more clearly (I'm no doctor, so I cannot give a good explanation).  It was an awful feeling.  I immediately felt like my body was 200 degrees, then I got a metallic taste in my mouth, and lastly, it made me feel warm like I just wet my pants---and no I did not wet my pants.  I kept my eyes closed tight the entire time and had the words from "A Child's Prayer" running through my head.  I could feel tears creeping through the side of my tightly closed eyes.  When the scan was all done and the guy came in to unhook the I.V., I couldn't even look him in the face.  I know he could tell that I was about to burst.  He walked me back to change my clothes and I just about had to close the door on his face.  He was trying to comfort me and also explain when the results would be complete.  Once I got the door closed, I had a nice little cry in the room.

The next day, August 8th, I called my oncologists office to find out if they had any results.  The girl I spoke to told me that everything looked clear and good.  I was so relieved!  I had a good cry when I got off the phone.  Finally, some good news!

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