Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Drivers License

Over the Christmas break, John and I went to have our drivers licenses renewed.  I knew that they were not going to let me wear a hat, and I still have not worn any of my wigs.  I joke that when I try on my wigs, it looks like a cat crawled up on my head and died.  So, I opted NOT to wear a wig.  I don't want to give cancer any of the power.  Almost as if to say, "Screw you cancer.  You will not control me, or slow me down!"  It was just my way of sticking it to my breast cancer.  (Sorry about the word "screw", it sounds a little inappropriate.  But, when talking about cancer, it is perfect).

When we got to the counter, I whipped off my hat and got ready for my bald-headed picture.  John and I were having a hard time not laughing.  The ladies face behind the counter was priceless.  It was almost as if her face was telling us her thoughts.  I'm sure she was thinking, "Alrighty then!"  She was supportive and kind as she looked at my picture and passed it across the counter to me.

You can no longer show any teeth in your picture.  I have a half smile, smirk on my face and I look exactly like my dad (except for the dumb look on my face).

We left the DMV giggling, with our temporary paper licenses in hand.  A couple of days ago, we received the actual licenses in the mail.  Once again, we had a good laugh.  I've already had to pass that little beauty over to cashiers in the stores.  I find it quite entertaining.

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