Sunday, June 26, 2016

The BIG move

For a while now John and I have been talking about how tired we were of fighting the battle of the oversaturation of dentists in Idaho. There are probably twice as many dentists in Idaho Falls as there needs to be. I know a lot of dentists were/are feeling the pinch. Some were giving away free iPads for you to come to their office, and before we left we were starting to hear about a dental office giving away a new car for referrals. Holy crap! We tried to buy another practice to add to ours, among many other scenarios, and nothing seemed to work out. So, after many months of discussing it, we decided to move. It was an extremely hard decision to make. If it were just John and I to factor in, it would have been a much easier decision. Pulling kids away from their friends, cousins, and everything that they are familiar with is not easy. Riley is kind of out of the house, so she was okay with the decision (although I know she loves Idaho and everyone there). Brynn will be a Senior this coming year. WHO wants to move to a new High School their Senior year! She is a gem and has such a great attitude about it. She has not once given us any grief about moving, and I know that it isn't exactly easy. Jace will be a Sophomore and he had THE best friends in Idaho. They were such great kids. That was almost one of the biggest factors in our move. We did not want to pull him away from all the goodness! Haley will be in 6th grade this year. She also has a great attitude about everything. She has the gift of being outgoing and talkative, so I think she will adjust.

My brother Kevin had told us about several dental opportunities in Colorado, so we started looking there. John and I spent countless hours crunching numbers, looking at different areas in Colorado, praying about it, etc. One night I was lying in bed awake thinking long and hard about it. When I fell asleep, I had a very vivid dream. I was in my bedroom and my dad walked by. He was wearing tan pants and a sport coat and he was talking on the phone. We had a nice conversation about whether or not John and I should move. I told him all about the things we had discovered in our research. He then said to me, "Well, it sounds like a no-brainer. I think you need to move to Colorado." The conversation then changed. I asked him how he was feeling and he said, "I feel great!" I asked him if he ever got the chance to look in on the family and he replied, "I watch you guys all the time." I immediately woke up and laid there with tears in my eyes. I thought long and hard about the dream so I could remember every detail in the morning. After that dream, I felt like I was ready to move forward. It isn't easy moving away from your mom, 6 of your sisters (and their awesome husbands and kids), and amazing neighbors and friends. But, how often do you get heavenly advice? So now here I am in Colorado.

 I feel a bit like we have had a mid-life crisis. We have pulled up our DEEP roots and are giving it a go in Colorado. Not all the days have been rosy. I miss my family and friends. I miss my old house and neighborhood. We are renting a house for a year and I keep telling John I feel like we are living in a 2-3 star hotel. (The rental needed some cleaning done when we got here). I am trying to have a good attitude. It's hard not knowing anyone in the ward and neighborhood very well. In my old ward I had an instant connection with Nichole P. I'm convinced we were friends in heaven. We just connected immediately. Nichole also happened to be my across the street neighbor. She was an angel and checked on me often during my cancer treatments. I miss her. I miss my walking buddy Michelle. We have walked together for almost 20 years. We could talk about everything! It was therapy and exercise all rolled into one. I miss my family and all our get togethers.  We miss our friends Dave and Emily, they were like family...and the list goes on!  I keep telling myself to look at this as an adventure. Something different and exciting. I always think about one of my best friends Molly. She always has the best attitude and sees the glass as half-full.  So, here's to half-full!

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