Monday, August 3, 2009


At the beginning of summer, Riley, (and some of the Young Women in the ward) took an organ class. The class was taught by one of the ward organists, who just so happens to also be a fantastic pianist.

The plan is to have the Young Women play the organ sometime before, during, or after Sacrament Meeting. They will start by playing prelude or postlude music so they become confident and comfortable. (That way they can play slow and they don't feel like people are listening too closely.)

Yesterday was the first time to have a Young Woman play, and it just so happened to be Riley. She played the postlude music in Sacrament Meeting and did a great job! I'm very certain that when I was 12 I would NOT have the confidence or talent to do that.

I am so glad that she took the class. Initially she did NOT want to do the class at all. Her mean old mom was making her do it. When I picked her up from the first class I was primed and ready to be bawled out for MAKING her do it. I was ready to hear how boring it was and how much she didn't want to go back. I was buckled up and ready for the tongue never came. She enjoyed it and asked me to take her to the church several times so she could practice. It was kind of like, "What?! Come again?! You want to go to the church and practice the organ?" Woo-Hoo! Miracles never cease!

Good Job RILEY! We are proud of you!


Heather Davies said...

I'm way impressed! I want to learn. Maybe Riley can teach me!

John said...

I am so proud of Riley. Yesterday was another proud day in a long list of proud days. Riley is kind, considerate, spunky, competitive, smart and cute. Spoken like a true proud dad. I am!

Love ya Riley...Dad!

NatureGirl said...

Add me to that list of admirers! She was awesome!!!! So proud of you Ri...

Emily said...

Wow Riley,
Way to go. I sure wish I would have stuck with the ol piano lessons, nevermind the organ. Looks like the kids are growing up Heidi!