Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas, Birthdays, and New Years OH MY....

We had such a great time this year with all the different celebrations. Even though it seemed like we were going from one party to the next, it was a great time.

One night, we met at a Retirement Center and sang Christmas songs to several of the residents there. It was fun to see the looks on their faces. You could tell that they enjoyed watching all the grand kids sing. My sisters and I also sang a couple of different songs. When we were finished, the kids went around and handed out candy canes. It was a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Another night we went on a hayride and Christmas caroled in a couple of different neighborhoods. This is always a big hit with the kids. Before caroling, we met early at my sisters house, ate soup, bread, and dessert. Then, we got on the trailer with all the kids and caroled. It was a lot of fun!

This is only part of the people on the trailer.

On Christmas Eve, we all went to my parents house. We enjoyed watching the kids reenact the Nativity, Dad read some wonderful Christmas stories, and Santa came to visit. When Santa came in the door, Haley ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug. It was just so cute! She was SO happy to see him.

We(all my siblings) took the opportunity to give my parents some presents that night from us. When my dad was a young boy, he had a Lone Ranger ring that was so special to him. He had to save many box tops to get the ring. It was the "big thing" to have back then. Dad finally saved up enough box tops and got the ring. He said that when he got the ring he would spend HOURS playing with it. The ring is shaped like a horses saddle on top. The saddle slides, so that you can put a little film strip of pictures into it, and look at pictures of Lone Ranger. Dad had lost that ring during the years. Awhile back he went to my Grandparents house to see if he could find it there. He didn't have any luck in the search.

My sister Heather found the ring for sale online and we purchased it for dad.

This is what the film strip looks like that goes in the ring.

This is a picture of what the ring looks like.

When my dad opened the ring box and saw it, he just started to cry. He told us all about how much he loved that ring as a kid. He was a very special evening to say the least.
Christmas day was full of happy sounds. My kids were excited and happy to get what they got...whew! We woke up to the smell of a turkey cooking, YUM! We had a great lunch and spent the day lounging around playing with all the new things.
Santa's sleigh was a little crowded.

The day after Christmas, John turned the big 4-0! Holy smokes!! That night, we went out to dinner. John thought that it was just going to be he and I for dinner. Little did he know...I had dinner reservations for 21 people. My sister brought a wheel chair for John. When we got to the resterant, John was surprised with a wheel chair ride to our table.

Here is a picture of John taking a ride in the wheel chair. There are "over the hill" balloons floating above his head. What a good sport!

Everyone wore a name badge. They all said, Old Fart's Friend, with their name underneath. Here is mine.

We spent New Years Eve at my sister Monica's house. We stayed busy all night, eating, playing games, dancing, and we had a piƱata for the kids. This is an annual tradition for us. It is a lot of fun to include the kids in the festivities. They talk about it long before the day arrives. I'm glad that one day they will grow up and reminisce with their cousins about our New Years Eve bashes!

New Years Eve also just so happens to be Brynn's Birthday! She is a lucky girl that gets to party all day that day.....and LONG into the night. She turned 11 this year. I cannot believe that she will be going into Young Womens in one more year! YIKES! Brynn is such a sweet girl, and she is quite a little peacemaker. She is ALWAYS willing to help around the house. She loves to cook! Anytime I need help with meals, she is there and happy to help. We are so grateful to have our Brynny!!


Emily said...

Oh man, now you made us homesick. Our kids would have loved all of that. It sounds like so much fun. Happy 4-0 Johnny! Can't believe we missed the old fart's biggest day. Love you guys!!

Heather Davies said...

We had such a fun time up in Idaho! Rocky wants to move there now. :) I look so photogenic in those pictures! haha

Erin said...

Sounds like you had a great Holiday break! I love what you did for John's birthday. Vaughn turns 40 this year, I'll have to remember your party for John! Happy Birthday John.

Tyson & Tera Smith said...

How fun, Heidi! Tell John Happy B-day. I especially loved the story of your Dad's ring. Heck, that almost made me cry! That is awesome you guys did that for him:)

J and J said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday season!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your cute family!

Tai said...

You guys are awesome for finding that ring. I love the internet for things like that. Happy b-day to John and Brynn. Wouldn't that be nice to always have a huge party on your birthday??? Hope you are doing well. We miss you guys!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Way to go on the party Heidi. That is a lot to organize! I'm jealous of your fun hayrack carioling experience That is suoer fun.