Monday, February 22, 2010

A little bit of heaven on earth

I had a neat experience a couple of days ago. I want to write about it for journal purposes.

Friday afternoon, February 19, 2010, was my dad's first time to work in the temple as a sealer. My awesome brother-in-law Clay, made a plan for all of my siblings that live in town (and their spouses and one nephew), to go and be his first group. My parents were not aware that we were all coming to the temple that day. My Dad was choked up to see us all, and so was my mom. There were 13 of us in the room, including my parents. (Dad, Mom, Clay, Lori, Cole, Kory, Lynette, John, Heidi, Dan, Pauline, Chris, Charise). I have one sister (Monica) that lives in town that was not able to make it, because she just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. She is still in recovery mode. Her husband Dave was out of town and was not able to make it either.

It was neat to see the looks on my parents faces through out the session. I can only imagine what it would be like as a parent to sit with a large majority of my children and spouses in the temple. It was almost like they were realizing all of their hard work raising kids was paying off.

I hope that my dad's health will allow him to be around to marry & seal several of my nieces and nephews as they get old enough.

I can't wait to go and do it again.

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Erin said...

That is so sweet! Your parents must be as proud of all their children as you are of them! Tell your parents Congratulations...and I too hope your dad is around to seal as many of his grandchildren as possible.