Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daddy / Son Campout

Since John just recently took Brynn on a Father/Daughter camp out, it was Jace's turn for his one on one with his dad. John decided to take him to Sawtooth Lake to camp, hike, and fish. Jace was very excited to go. John worked 1/2 a day at work, came home and got ready, and they took off.

I have never been there before, but John said that it was beautiful up there.

They hiked up where it was very steep and had lots of little loose rocks. I think it make both Jace and John a little nervous. They were able to get very close to a beautiful waterfall.

They had a great time fishing, even though they didn't catch anything.

Jace loves his one on one time with his dad. He is always surrounded by girls at the house, so I think it was a great little get-away for him.

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J and J said...

So fun Father camp outs! So neat that John takes the time to have one on one time with the kids. What a good daddy! The pictures are beautiful! I love Fleecy by the way!