Saturday, July 30, 2011


It is just RIDICULOUS how behind I am on my blog.  This summer has been just. plain. CrAzY!  I guess for journaling (is that even a word) sake, I will try and rewind back to the early part of the summer.

The end of June--my mom, brothers and sisters, and all the grand kids went to Downata Hotsprings to camp and swim for a couple of days. The pool was so nice and warm, and we spent A LOT of time swimming and riding the water slides. All of my siblings and most of their spouses were able to go. It was a lot of fun to just hang out with everybody. This was the first summer family reunion that we were missing my dad. It felt very different not having him there.

Of course I took my camera, but only took it out about 1 time.  We were too busy swimming!  I took a couple pictures of the adults, but because we were camping and swimming I will not post those on here.  (You're welcome.)  I am however posting some pictures of some of the kids.  I should have organized everyone together for one group shot.  Maybe next time.
I wanted to chew on those cheeks!

"Emily's spa"
I could seriously eat all the babies that were there with us!  They are all just so beautiful!  I could just take them all home with me.

I simply could not resist!  That is a cute little bum!

Haley was so good at this!

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