Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School 2011

Well, the kids are finally back to school and it is WAY beyond time to clean up this messy house.  I'm pretty sure it will take me about 2 weeks to dig out!  I am excited that they have the chance to get back to school to learn and grow.  The summer schedule was starting to get to me, and no one was being ultra productive.  That is a huge beef with me!  I like to see things getting done.  Don't get me wrong I love having my kids here and just "playing things by ear" around the house.  But, I also love it when things are being accomplished.

This year Haley is at all day school.  She is starting the 1st grade and is very excited that she gets to be a big girl eating lunch at the school.  She was very happy to be heading to school this morning. 

So yes, I am all alone here at the house.  Let's just say I'm not sitting here with tears in my eyes.  I am sitting here in the quiet....blogging...and listening to the hum of the dryer. 
 Jace is starting 5th grade this year.  It is also his first year to play football with pads.  I'm not sure if he will stick with it or not.  Being from a family of all girls, he has never learned to really tackle somebody.  I think you learn that when you are living with a brother.  But, he is fast!  So I guess we will see what he decides next year.  Recently Jace has had the major desire to start working out.  He is always doing push ups, sit ups, pull ups...etc.  A couple of days ago, he decided to do sit ups all throughout the day.  By the end of the day he had done around 610 or so.  The next morning his abs were so sore!  This morning I saw him working out a little before school.  After all he is sitting between to of the cutest girls in the class!
 Brynn is now over at the Junior High.  She was excited for her first day of 7th grade.  It seemed to me that she was A LOT less nervous then Riley was when she started 7th grade.  I was glad that Brynn was able to hop out of the car with confidence and not look back with a petrified look on her face (like Riley did).
Riley was not ready for school when it was time to take pictures.  She didn't have her makeup on and the finishing touches done on her hair.  She wouldn't let me take her picture and told me that I would have to do it after school.  I think that she forgot that she has volleyball practice after school and that a sweaty picture is not the look I'm going for.  I hope that this is not a sign of the school year to come.  She was able to finish getting ready in the car and get to school on time.  I will just have to get a picture tomorrow morning on the 2nd day of school.

I love my kids and hope they have a great year!!

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