Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just a great kid

This picture was taken the morning of their Primary Program.
I have been thinking the last couple of weeks how great Jace is.  He is really developing some great habits that I hope he will continue to do. 

When I wake up in the morning he is already up.  He has already showered, dressed, eaten breakfast, brushed his teeth, and he has his coat and backpack ready.  So now, I am having him clean his room and make his bed before he heads off to school.  I think he likes being up when no one else is up and he also likes to have some free time before he goes to school.  His mornings are not rushed and crazy like all of his sisters.

Lately, when he gets home from school is goes right in and finishes most, if not all, of his homework.

Jace is 99.9% of the time happy and willing to do anything I ask him to do!  What a great kid!!


Heather Davies said...

And he is so darned adorable, too! Chase gets a big smile on her face whenever I've mentioned Jace, and she talked to him too a few weeks ago on the phone. She was grinning from ear to ear. He is a super sweet kid!

Par 5 said...

Um, could I borrow him for a few weeks? My seven year old could use some training... ;) we could certainly use some relaxing, un-rushed mornings around here.

and p.s. might I just insert here, how jealous I am that your girls got to see David A last year with the Choir. I needed to be there (sporting my homemade #1 Fan t-shirt). ;)