Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cinderella goes to the ball....

Riley just finished her Freshman year of basketball.  I have mixed emotions about being done.  I'm glad they are done because it was a lot of chasing around town...driving to and from practice, driving to and from games, juggling schedules.  But, at the same time, I'm a little sad...she is fun to watch play.  She was also exercising and doing something productive everyday.

They ended the season with only 6 girls on the team!  It was always a little scary when someone would foul out or get hurt.  Riley struggled with a bad knee most of the season.  She had to have her knee wrapped for every game and she would also wear a brace over the top of the wrap.  Her knee has a tendency to pop out of place.  When that happens, she has a hard time walking for a couple of days and she can't put much weight on it.

Our school district (because of budget cuts) did not have sports last year in the Junior High Schools.  It was a little unfortunate for the girls that age, because it put them an entire year behind other schools.  Riley's team had a pretty good season in spite of that fact.  They played hard, and improved each game!

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Heather Davies said...

Oh man, that would be fun to see her in action! Looks like she is quite the athlete!