Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Flashback...Red cheeks!

This Friday Flashback takes us back 10 years when I was living with my husband and children in Indiana.  It just so happened to be my 30th birthday.

My good friend Molly suggested that we all get together to celebrate the big 3-0.  She offered to have us all meet at her apartment, and John volunteered to stop and by a birthday cake.

Before the get together at Shae and Molly's, John and I went out to dinner.  When we were done eating we drove to Baskin Robbin's to pick up a cake before we headed over to the party.

When we pulled into the parking lot of Baskin Robbin's, I told John to just drop me off and I would run in and grab a cake.

I quickly picked out a cake and went up to pay for it.  The guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted him to write something on the top of the cake.  He assured me that there would be no charge and that it would just take a second.  Without giving it much thought I told him to go ahead and write on the cake. 

When he asked me what I wanted him to write, I was a bit flustered and answered with red, warm cheeks, "Happy Birthday, Heidi."

As I WROTE out a check, SIGNING my NAME (which just so happened to be ON THE CAKE), and the sale associate watching me writing "Heidi"...I almost broke out laughing.  I am quite certain the sheepish look on my face gave me away.  I couldn't even look him in the eyes!!  I couldn't even pretend that this cake was NOT for me....but for my "friend" Heidi.

It was very apparent from the worker's reaction that he thought I was going to go home and eat the entire cake myself.  It was almost as if his eyes were saying, "You poor pitiful girl."

As I exited the store, before I was even all the way out the door, I busted out laughing.  What the heck did I just do???  I just picked out a cake and had a special message written to ME from ME.  John and I laughed all the way to Shae and Molly's about the situation.  Everyone at the party had a good laugh about it too.  In fact, we all still laugh about it to this day.

Looking back on it now, I wish I would have had him write something juicy on the cake like...
"Happy Birthday to ME!  The world has been blessed by my presence!"
You can see my red cheeks in this picture!  (Also, look at cute little Riley and Brynn off to the side.)


Sara Sargent Williams said...

That is hilarious!!! I can just picture the whole thing! :)

J and J said...

Love this story Heidi! So funny!
I haven't read any blogs for so long. I decided to catch up tonight. I read some of your posts I have missed. Can I just say, I love your blog! It makes me laugh and cry. Thanks for sharing.