Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Flashback...There's a man in the house

Recently, Riley had to give a speech in class.  She told the class about a time when she thought there was a man in our house.  I'm not sure if I have blogged about this in the past.  If I have, bear with me.

This is about the age they were when this happened
This little incident took place in the fall of 2007.  We had only been in our house for about 2 years.  Riley was home babysitting (she was probably around 12).  She was watching Brynn (9), Jace (6), and Haley (2).

John and I were at a movie.  A totally stupid movie.  I still remember that we were sitting in the theater watching "The Game Plan" when our cell phones started ringing.  (The movie was so not worth all the drama that took place that night.)

John left the theater to find out why Leslie P. was calling us (she is my dear friend and neighbor across the street).  I was sitting there feeling worried that my house was on fire or something.  John came back to tell me that all of our kids were over at her house.  Something to the fact that they got scared and thought someone was in the house.  I'm like, "What the CRAP!"  The story from the kids is this...

Riley was downstairs with the kids when she thought she heard someone trying to open the front door.  Then, she thought that she heard someone in the house.  She sent Brynn to get the phone.  When Riley proceeded to call John and I, she couldn't get a dial tone because there was a phone off  the hook.  Riley sent Brynn upstairs to hang the phone up (what? send her upstairs where the man is!).  Shortly after, Brynn came running downstairs crying saying there was a man dialing the phone (what she didn't realize, was that it was Riley downstairs on the phone trying to make a call).

Riley immediately jumped up and grabbed all the kids and headed out the garage door, over to Leslie's house.  When they arrived at Leslie's house all 4 kids were in tears.  Haley was in nothing but under ware (if we recall it right) and I believe Jace was also sporting his under ware and a T-shirt.  The kids told Leslie that John and I were gone and there was a man inside our house.

Leslie's husband Layne and another neighbor Dave came over to check our house, (this is the embarrassing part) and they walked through the ENTIRE house looking in EVERY closet, looking under EVERY bed, checking EVERY shower.  They checked every where.  I recall that the house was a TOTAL mess that night...a TOTAL mess.  Having said that, I am so grateful for such wonderful neighbors that looked after my kids so well that night.  I'm also grateful for a smart daughter that thought to leave the house with all the kids immediately. 

After some checking, they realized that the front door creaking (and all those sounds) were coming from some other wonderful neighbors leaving us some treats for Halloween.  It sure was a scary night for the kids.  What a blessing that it was not what they thought it was, and that they were safe.

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