Sunday, April 21, 2013

Playing a little catch up...

Oh man there has been a lot going on lately.  Sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going. 

Backing things up a bit...
Haley was recently baptized, on March 30th.  I can't believe my baby is 8.  That just makes me feel old.  It was a Stake baptism and there were 9 kids being baptized altogether.  The chapel was COMPLETELY full and not everyone was even able to be in there for the opening talks.  (Especially when you just figure in my family alone.  Lots of grand kids!)  We were happy that we had so many family and friends supporting us on the special day.  I had to say the opening prayer, so I sat on the stand.  I had to laugh silently when a guy walked into the chapel in jeans, a t-shirt, with a 64 ounce Mountain Dew fountain drink in hand.  Don't get me wrong, I was NOT laughing at him.  I think my laughing stemmed out of jealousy.  I wanted to be in my jeans and t-shirt with a Dew in my hand.  After the baptism we had a pot-luck lunch with all my family.
I haven't really had time to take a bunch of pictures of Haley....yet.  That is on my list of things to do.  She is sporting a nice hole right now because she lost a tooth.

Another thing that has been taking up A LOT of my time--we are selling our house.  All the papers have not yet been signed, but will be very soon.  My nephew Justin and his wife Alli are going to buy our house.  They have one child, and the 3 of them will fit nicely in this house.  We have just gotten TOO big for this house.  We love it here!  Great neighborhood, great ward, but the 6 of us just need a little more room.  Riley and Brynn are sharing a bedroom.  Riley er...they both have a lot of crap and it is hard to fit it all in one room.  We will be switching wards AND stakes.  That is going to be really different.  The stake center that we WILL be going to, is the same building I was baptized in.  I was in the West Stake when I was younger.

We have been jumping through all the hoops to sell and buy a house.  Appraisals, inspections, phone calls, blah, blah, blah.  We are sitting in the middle of a great big mess right now.  I can't stand the clutter and mess.  It makes me a little crazy.  I will be glad when we are moved in and all organized.

The kids were recently out of school for Spring Break.  We took a break from packing the house and cleaning, and we went to Utah.  It was a quick trip!  We went to the Hale Center Theater and watched the play, "Chitty-chitty, Bang-bang".  It was well done and we really enjoyed doing something different.  The next day we went to an Aquarium.  We also really enjoyed doing that.  It was just nice doing something completely different from what we normally do.

A few days ago, Riley had piano festival.  She played 2 very hard songs in front of a judge at BYU-Idaho.  She had to have both songs completely memorized.  That night she played both the songs in a recital.  I could not believe how well she did.  I was getting teary eyed listening to her.  She was AMAZING!  Afterwards, several people came up to her and went on and on about how well she did.  There were only a couple of kids that received a score of 100 at the festival, and Riley was one of them.  Way to go RY!  I need to get a recording on here with her playing.  She is funny and will not let me record her.  I am always trying to sneak a quick recording.  For some reason, she can always sense when I am trying to do it.  Little stinker!

Today at church, I was released as the Young Women President.  I have been in the Young Women's since October 2007.  I was first put in as the Laurel's advisor and a few years later, was put in as the President.  I'm not sure what I am going to do when Tuesday rolls around and I am at home.  I think it is going to be a little hard.  There are 36 amazing girls in the Y.W.  I really grew to love them so much.  It has been really neat to see them grow up.  Some of them are married now with a child of their own.  It is also really cool to see how their testimonies have grown.  Such great girls!!

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