Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sometimes it's hard to be optimistic

For some reason I feel a little depressed or frustrated today.  I think it's probably a combination of lots of different things.  For starters, the weather is dark and dreary.  It's just chilly, chilly, chilly and grey outside.  So much for fall!  I think we are going to jump from summer to winter.  Bugger.

I went this morning to do labs.  My blood work looks a little better then it did last week, which is a good thing.  But, I am COMPLETELY out of energy, and still very achy.  I just feel like I want to sit.  I think the only thing I have accomplished at home today is load the dishwasher, wash my sheets, and make my bed.  It isn't much, but that is about all the energy I can muster today.  I recently told John that I don't know if I could manage to run for any reason right now.  I might be able to run, if my house was on fire.  I watch people jogging outside and I am just in awe.  I can't wait until I have that kind of energy again.

I went to the mall after labs because I had a return to make, and my doctor's office is right by the mall.  I recently ordered some jeans and shoes.  I've been too sick/tired to shop, so I ordered a couple of items online.  Of course neither one fit.  So, I had to haul my tired rear into Macy's to return them.  I looked around for a bit, and tried a couple of items on my tired old body.  It's hard to shop when you look in the mirror and see a tired person wearing a hat.  Take off the hat and you are shopping for a tired old man.  Oh sheesh, maybe I will have to wait a little while longer to get some jeans.  I really don't have much hair left on my head.  Just some stubble and lots of bald patches.

My sisters and mom are going to the temple tonight to do some sealings.  I think I better crawl out of my tired old clothes and get myself there.  I'm sure it will change my entire outlook on this day.  I always have a good feeling when I go to the temple.  Another thing to be excited about---General Conference is this weekend!  Can I just say how much I love Conference!  Look at me changing my bad attitude.  I think I'll go out for a jog.

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Par 5 said...

Jog a mile or two for me, would ya? ;)