Thursday, May 22, 2014

Limping to the finish line

Ten. more. days. until school is out for the 2013-2014 year.  I feel like we are limping to the finish line, maybe even more like crawling with one broken arm and two broken legs.

At night we can't get kids to go to bed, and when they finally do, we can't get them out in the morning.

If I have to make one more sack lunch I'm going to scream.  To say nothing about the fact that these poor kids have eaten the same meat and cheese, or PBJ, day in and day out.  I have thought about just putting random things in their sacks just to keep it entertaining...for example--taco seasoning packets, small tube of tooth paste, you get the picture.

Just this week as I was walking out the door to drive Haley to school, she opened her backpack and pulled out homework.  Completely not done.  Not even started.  Good thing she is in 3rd grade.  She completed the page on the way to school.

This school year will go down in the books.  I'm quite certain we will not forget it.  We kicked off the year with me still trying to heal from breast cancer surgery in July.  I was still feeling very thrashed.  Then after a couple of terrible allergic reactions to chemo on two different occasions (the end of August), I finally completed my first round of chemo in September.  By the middle of September I was losing hair, and finally shaved it off Sept. 12th.  I spent a good portion of the school year sick, in bed, out of energy, quarantined in my house to stay away from "sickies".  It was hard to take care of myself, let alone 4 kids, a house, a husband, meals, laundry, etc., but we did it!  We are now on the other side of it and I am SO GRATEFUL.

I hope to make this a fun summer for my kids.  Maybe we can make up for all the fun things we couldn't do last summer.

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