Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5th Grade Patriotic Program

Brynn just recently had her 5th Grade Patriotic Program. The program is for all the 5th grade classes in the district (there are 12 schools). The students performed several songs together. They did a great job!

This picture only shows a portion of the kids.

It just seems like not long ago, I was performing in the 5th grade program at the same high school. My program was called, "This is the sound of America" I still remember practicing with the other schools. I think that is when I had my first real crush (a boy that went to Ethel Boys School). When I told Brynn's teacher that I remember singing in the 5th grade program, she was shocked. She said, "You must be young!" Actually I think the program is old...oh wait, that means I am old too.

I was sitting on the other side of the gym at the top. I had to use my big camera lens. It cracks me up that Brynn knew that I was taking her picture. Love the face, and the two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Brynn's cousin Ethan was also performing in the program. He goes to a different school.
Brynn and Ethan with Grandpa and Grandma.


NatureGirl said...

She looks like she is having fun (thumbs up!) my Ethan looked like he was having a root canal the whole time...

Dr. John Owen said...

Love that Brynny! What a sweet heart!

Dr. John Owen said...

...And that Ethan is a cute kid too. You could tell b/c about 15 girls came up to him after the concert. He just brushed 'em off like a good boy. It'll be fun to watch these two grow up.

Heather Davies said...

Cuute pictures! I remember loving the 5th grade program. Mr. Shively directed it. Who directs it now? That's a cute pic of Ethan and Brynn, too. :)