Friday, April 16, 2010

Track Meet

Riley just had her first Junior High track meet. She ran the 100, 200, and did the long jump. We went as a family to watch her. It was kind of a long afternoon, but a fun experience. The weather was a bit on the cold side, but that didn't stop us from having a good time.

Riley was a lot of fun to watch. It made me just want to strap on some running shoes and join her. I'm sure that wouldn't ruin her "Junior High career", having her mommy running along side her.

Riley running the 100. She came in first with this group. Atta girl Rye!
Riley showing us what place she took in the race.

Checking in.

Waiting for the 200 to start.

Runners to your mark, set.....

Riley took 3rd in the 200 with this group.

Smiley Riley.


Jeanette said...

You SO need to find a pic of John pole vaulting!

Emily Andrus said...

Go Riley! That is awesome and she looks so cute. Heidi, I think that would be totally cool if you started running along side her....not social suicide for her at all!