Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Girl

Little Miss Hay-hay turned the big 6 today!  We spent a good portion of the day at a pizza place where they have a play area, arcade, and lazer tag.  We went there with 5 of my sisters and their kids.  We occasionally go there for family parties.  It's great because the kids are off playing hard while the adults visit and relax for a bit.  (If you can call that place relaxing).  On the way to the pizza place, Haley asked me a funny little question.  She said, "Mom, how did you pick the day that we would celebrate my birthday?"  I just had to smile, laugh, and explain to her that she picked the day.  It was the day that she came out of my tummy.  I just love that cute little girl. 

After lunch and playing we went to Toys R Us to let Haley browse.  She just kept dropping things in the cart.  It was pretty funny.  We finally told her to go out to the car with Riley and we would pick a few things and surprise her. 

When we got home, she opened her presents and seemed very happy with her "loot".

I just cannot believe that she is now 6!!  That means that we have been out of school for 6 years because I had that little sweet "Hoosier Baby" right before we left Indiana.  What a great little blessing she is in our lives.


Ailinh Harris said...

Happy 6th birthday! She is a beautiful girl!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

I cannot believe she is six. What a beautiful little girl you have. All your kids really. Happy Birthday!!!