Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting a Rise Out of Your Kids - Priceless!

Last Thursday, Riley took her final "destination" drive in drivers ed. It was a big deal to Riley and she was very nervous. It was generally a moment dads live for. Heidi dropped her off and was going to head home. Riley's first "destination" was in the direction of the house and it appeared Heidi was going to follow her for a short time. The other kid in the car with Riley and the Instructor asked Riley if her Mom was going to follow her. She replied, "No, my mom wouldn't do that. My dad would, on the other hand, but he'd have a video camera with him." They thought that was funny. As it so happened, I was getting off work at that very moment and had phoned Heidi and caught her just as she was starting to follow Riley. I told Heidi I was so excited to hear that Riley was doing her drive. Heidi told me not to harrass her. YEAH RIGHT! I knew the spot Riley was heading for and raced to meet her there. I caught up with her at the entrance to "University Place".  

Riley saw me at "University Place" and said "Oh my goodness, there's my dad!" and there I was...phone video in hand and filming. I love harrassing my kids.


The Story of Life said...

You are funny John!! Riley has you pegged!!

Erin said...

I love it!!!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Geneology right!?! Hilarious.