Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A VERY IMPORTANT Lesson Well Learned!

Riley had a friend over last weekend and when it came time to drive her home Riley wanted to drive. She got her permit a couple weeks ago. I (John) rode shotgun as Riley drove her friend home. After dropping her friend off, I asked Riley to take the long way home. She felt a little uncomfortable with the new route because it was nighttime and she couldn't see real well since our roads in Idaho are all dirty from the winters muck. Anyways, she was changing her speed quite a bit and drifting in and out of some imaginary lanes that were supposed to be on the road. About 5 minutes into our ride, bright lights lit up our car and Riley looked behind us and said, "Is that a cop? What is he doing? Oh my gosh, I think he's pulling me over!" Sure enough, Riley got pulled over. I'm writing this because I think what the officer told Riley is funny.

Riley, needless to say, was freaking out as the officer walked up. He looked in the window and with a big smile asked how things were going. We told him she just got her permit and was doing her best. He smiled and said, "I pulled you over because when I saw your driving I thought to myself, this is either a drunk or a really bad driver." He attempted to smooth over and qualify his statement by saying, "That's not to say you're a really bad driver though!" We laughed and he let us go with a vote of encouragement. I thought about his statement and turned to Riley and said, "Well, I guess he thinks you're drunk then".

Riley's first experience with a cop just taught her that cute girls can get away with anything...even drunk driving on a learners permit. I'm not complaining though, I want her to get out of every ticket. It was a good lesson...one I'm sure she wasn't taught in Driver's Ed. It now occurs to me why girls fuss with their hair so much in the car.


The Story of Life said...

Good thing she was driving with her dad and not her mom. She may have had her butt chewed. :) I don't think she will ever live that down! Isn't that some kind of record?

J and J said...

Love that! I guess this is what I get to look forward to. Brandon is just around the corner from this! Tell her to keep it up! I'm a master at getting out of tickets. She's starting practicing so early she'll have me beat for sure!