Monday, April 11, 2011

First Tooth

Haley lost her first tooth the other day during school.  It had been loose for several days and she just wasn't quite ready to have it yanked out.  She may have had flashbacks to this post (the pictures totally crack me up), and decided she would wait it out a little longer.  She was in her Kindergarten class when she managed to wiggle it out.  I asked her what her teacher said, and she told me that she just smiled really big.  I'm sure that kids are always losing teeth during class.

Now, her voice sounds a little different.  She's got a little whistle when she talks.  I have to say that it is quite cute.  I'm not ready for the LARGE horse teeth that come in after the cute baby teeth fall out.  Haley is growing up and I don't think that I am ready for it.  Love this Little Miss!!


Dr. John Owen said...

Not real happy seeing my baby girl growing out of her baby stage.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Very sweet! I love the toothless look. Your daughter is adorable. :)