Saturday, April 9, 2011

Piano Lessons & Drama Queens

Riley has been taking piano lesson for several years. I started teaching her how to play the piano when she was in Kindergarten. Anyone that has ever attempted to teach their own child to play the piano knows the amount of swearing, er, patience that is required. Sometimes it is a battle to the death, or at least it feels like it is.

In about the third grade I finally decided it would be worth EVERY penny to pay someone else to do the teaching. I knew that Riley would never say to her piano teacher how much she hated the song that she wanted her to play, or how the song was just too hard. (All those lame excuses that you hear). It must be a "kid thing". I remember laying down across the piano bench complaining to my mom. I recall being a total pain-in-the-butt to her. I also remember my mom teaching me how to play a song, and I ALWAYS played it wrong because I thought it sounded better that way. My mom would always try and correct me, but I knew better, as kids think they always do! Needless to say, I don't play the piano well today and I VERY MUCH regret it. I would like to spare my kids that regret when they are older. That is why I lovingly force them to take piano lessons.

Every week when I drive Riley to piano, she spends the time in the car on the way there letting me know how much she hates taking piano lessons. Recently she told me that she would rather be home throwing up, then go to piano lessons. Holy DRAMA QUEEN! I wanted to tell her that I would rather be throwing up then hear the same complaint! This has nothing to do with her wonderful piano teacher. She likes her! To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what the big deal is! I always tell her that I don't give a crap, and this is the one thing that she has no agency on. She knows that all the griping and complaining will get her no where with her stubborn determined mother. I let her know that she will thank me later. Yes Riley, you WILL thank me later.

(One of these days, I will record her while she is practicing and post in on here. It will of course have to be without her knowing or she will try and veto it.)


Heather Davies said...

haha, classic! Riley WILL thank you later, and at Christmas time I thought she sounded really good. So, good for you for sticking to your guns and making her do it. No matter how gag inducing it may be. :)

Janice said...

Love this post. I had one of my reluctant piano players read this and she said "that's not even funny, mom" the other reluctant daughter said she has made a promise in the future to never thank me for making her take lessons. I have two ganging up on me. Help! Keep hanging in there, I hope I can.

J and J said...

I am teaching three of my kids piano lessons right now and I don't really play myself because I quit at age 13 and have lost a lot of it. But, just like you I am determined that they will not follow my example. I can't wait until we move so I can get them a real piano teacher. Keep it up mean mom!