Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 years old

How can it be that this kid turns 10 years old today?
10 years ago today I was sitting at my friend Emily's house celebrating her birthday with her.  John, Riley, and Brynn were with me, and we were having a barbecue with Emily and all of her family.  It was Memorial weekend and my parents and some of my siblings were heading off to go camping.  They had invited us to come along, but since I was big, fat, pregnant, and having sporadic contractions---I decided that we would pass.

We hadn't been at Emily's house for very long when the contractions started to become more frequent and more painful.  I didn't want to be "side show Bob" at Emily's party--having everyone timing the contractions with me, so I decided to say nothing about it.  The only person privy to that information was John.  We sat and ate (I had a great big juicy hamburger and lots of other foods).  It soon came to the point that I had to walk around to see if I could "walk off" the contractions.

I went into the other room and was in so much pain that I couldn't move to go find John.  Riley and Brynn came and found me and told me it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Emily.  I told them to hurry and go get dad.  I knew that we needed to leave before Emily was delivering MY baby on HER birthday.  Now THAT would be a party to remember!  I'm sure that wouldn't be awkward at all for all the other guests at the party.  I realized that we needed to get out of there fast.  We had just enough time to drop Riley and Brynn off at my sisters (about 2 blocks away).  After basically tossing them out of the car, we headed straight for the hospital.  We knew that we did not have time to go home and get my "pre-packed bag".

On the way to the hospital, the contractions just came to a screeching halt.  I was starting to second guess myself....that is until I had a WHOPPER of a contraction as we pulled into the hospital parking lot.  I was gripping the door handle so tight, I could have probably removed the door from off the car.

Still, I was confused...was I truly in full blown labor?  We walked into labor and deliver and I told them that I thought that I was in labor.  They asked me if it was my first baby, because I sounded so unsure.  They then sent me to "gown up" for the big event, and they would come and check to see if I was dilated.  Sure enough, I was at an 8! 

From that point on it was CRAZY in the room.  I certainly didn't give them much time to prepare.  Very shortly after that, Jace entered our lives.  What a great kid and what a blessing!!  Every nurse that took care of me in the hospital would come in the room and always say, "So you're the lady that almost had her baby in the car."  Yes, I would dare say that it was a close call.

Jace is TRULY...
  • Happy....ALL the time
  • Full of energy
  • So cute
  • Obedient...he just wants to make his mom and dad happy
  • Easy going - especially since he has to put up with 3 sisters that want to boss him around all the time.
We COULD NOT ask for a better kid!  Love you Jacey Boy!


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