Monday, May 23, 2011

Windin' Down

Another school year is winding down.  How in the world can that be?  I swear that we just started about 3 months ago!  To be right honest, I'm not quite ready for my kids to be out of school.  I guess I'm not ready for the lazy kids and dirty house more then anything.  I DO like having my kids at home, just not "plugged in" to the electronics (T.V., computer, Wii, Nintendo, etc).  So, I guess I better get off my soap box and just get the darn thing figured out.

A couple of days ago, Brynn had her end of year Orchestra program. I'm a little frustrated that Brynn will not be taking the violin next year. She has been dying to take a sewing and cooking class and will be doing those things next year for her Junior High electives. She has such a LOVE for cooking, sewing, and making things. She is not just taking those classes to "mess around". She really does want to learn and become better at both of them. I hope we will be happy with that decision.

To me, it seems that Brynn has some natural ability with the violin. I need to get my violin in good working order and keep her playing on it!

Hopefully this is not all we will see of Brynn playing the violin.

Today, Haley had her end of year class music program.  I kept asking her to move over to the side so I could get a good picture of her without any kids blocking the shot.  She was funny and didn't want to move because she thought she might get into trouble.  The program was short and sweet. 
Haley and her best friend.

Love this little miss!
Haley and her Grandma A.

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