Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Date

This past weekend, John took Haley on her annual overnight "Daddy Daughter Date".  Every summer he likes to take one kid at a time for a few days...and just get away.  Haley has been asking John to take her camping for about the last month.  So, he strapped the kayaks to the top of the van, loaded up some gear, and off they went.  She was thrilled to have some one on one time with her dad.

Getting ready to leave...
They ended up camping somewhere near the Tetons.  That place always seems to be calling John's name.  He could never get tired of that place.

They each had their own kayaks.  Haley looks so tiny in that huge thing.  She does quite well on her own.  Her right arm is stronger and so she usually ends up close to the bank of the lake.  She doesn't care, she is just happy to be out.

 Notice all the stuffed animals she took with her.  Every night she sleeps with about 10 or so.  They always appear to be mauling her when I check on her in the morning.
John said she was constantly watching the fire.
 John said they slept very well in this little two man tent.  I teased him that they HAD to after all the sleeping bags and things that he took.  I also told him that he must be getting old.  Pretty comical coming from someone that hates to sleep on the hard ground.

Haley had the camera during most of the driving time.  She took MANY pictures of the mountains out the window while they were driving.  Most of them were blurry.  She also took about 50 of the same pictures of the fire.  It was pretty funny looking at all the different angles of the fire.  Here is a picture of John from the back seat.  Haley's view...

What a great dad!!!  Don't you think??

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