Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This mess is a place...

This is our first week out of school for summer break.  To help cope with the craziness of it all, we are trying to do this...
Make Bed

Brush Teeth

Morning Prayers

Clean Room

Read for 20 minutes

Exercise / Treadmill

Do a Job

Personal Progress

Practice the Piano

Read the scriptures

Write in Journal

Brush Teeth

Night Prayers

The dreaded JOB CHART!  My kids act like they are being so picked on when I print these little babies off every summer.  They find this job chart to be just.......rude!  This year I made one for me too.  It has basically the same things on it.  Just to prove that it can be done, and is not that hard.  The chart is a little different for each kid.  I wanted to let my kids know that it is important to accomplish things in the day (like brush the sweater off your how hard is that?)

The chart may make me look a little like a slave driver.  Believe me, they are still getting PLENTY of T.V. time sitting on their cans.  I have a little Doug A in me---I like to see productivity.

My two youngest enjoy doing the things on their chart and checking them off.  Jace had his almost all done this morning when I got up to go run.  I glanced in his bedroom and his bed was already made and he was downstairs working on his job chart.  He reminds me so much of my brother Brian when it comes to things like this.  I remember Brian being on top of this like this.  He was so good at so many things.  My mom made the same comment today when I was talking to her about this subject.

Now I just need to get my older kids to buy into the idea.  That might be a bit of a hard sell.  I may resort to a little of this...

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Par 5 said...

Job charts. We have those. In our house they make beautiful fridge magnets. We're good for about a day and then we loose motivation and it's back to the re-group phase (that's when we all sit around in our p.j.'s and watch t.v. and play the Wii...)

Happy summer!!