Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another Health Scare

For several weeks I have been struggling with trying to heal from my last surgery.  In April--I had my tubes tied, an ablation, and a bladder repair.  Since then, I have felt many different kinds of negative symptoms i.e. pelvic pain, lower back pain, etc., all of which I thought were results from the surgery. 

Last Thursday, I went back to the doctor to let her know that I thought something was wrong.  After running several tests, she found a cyst on one of my ovaries.  Given my track record for the last year, it put me in a tailspin.  How could I go through cancer treatments again?  I cried in the doctor's office as I talked to the doctor.  She is very aware of the rough year I have experienced, and she did her best to put my mind at ease.

The nurse ran a CA125 blood test (last Thursday) to see if I had elevated levels (which would indicate cancer).  They told me that it would take about a week to get the results back.  They called me this morning to let me know that the results came back as "normal" and that to be 100% positive that it is not cancer, the cyst would have to be biopsied.  I will be meeting with the doctor on Thursday to discuss the action plan.

I cannot express the relief of normal results.  I had so many sleepless nights worrying about the future.  I'm not completely out of the woods yet.  Next week will probably consist of a few more tests and surgery.  I am praying that the surgery will be just what I need to relive me from my yucky symptoms.  It will probably also give me peace of mind.

Last night Riley and I were talking about how last year I was at Haley's baseball game (at the Elk diamond) when I received the phone call with the news that I had breast cancer.  I knew that I would be at Haley's game at the same location the next morning.  She said, "Can you imagine if you get a call tomorrow at Haley's game telling you that it is cancer?  Do you think that baseball diamond would be your least favorite place on the earth?"  That baseball field is also the same location where my dad got sick while dealing with his cancer.  I remember him watching a baseball game and excusing himself to go throw up behind the trees.  It was one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

This morning---sure enough, the phone rang while I was at Haley's game, at the same baseball field.  It was finally good news.  The curse of the Elk baseball field has been broken!  Halle-freakin-lujah!

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