Monday, September 6, 2010

Disappointment Peak - Sept 2010

No "Disappointment" here! John and Riley spent this past Saturday in the Tetons and apparently had a blast. They had been planning a hike for a couple weeks and the weather turned out to be wonderful. They took the seats out of the van and slept at the base of the Grand Teton Friday night with our good friend Dave W. and his 3 kids, Kaleb, Avery, and Ethan in the next car over.
They woke up at 5:30 and were on the trail by 6:00. They were on the trail 11 hours, hiked 12 miles, and climbed 4886 feet (1489 meters or 13.5 football fields or ~488 stories). They are both hobbling around today and it's funny to watch/listen to them. They had a blast though! Riley said it was a great experience and John said he was extemely proud of her. John says she kept right up with Dave and the kids and always had high spirits. He gets a little teary-eyed when he talks about how proud he is of her. He's a little softy! She took her camera and here are a couple of pictures. The last one shows how proud Dad is of Daughter!

Photo to Right: Disappointment Peak is the sharp one right above Riley's head. The Grand is to the right of John's head, and Teewinot is the peak in the right corner of the photo. John has done all 3 now! We're proud of him too! Mostly for getting the kids out into the mountains!

Trailhead: Lupine Meadows Elevation - 6732 ft / 2052 m
Disappointment Peak: Elevation - 11618 ft / 3541 m


Tai said...

So fun!! What a cute dad to get all teary eyed over a hike!! I guess you are getting hard and he is turning soft!!! That stinks that Jace was sick the first day of school!!

NatureGirl said...

Nice! I have pix of Sarah and her daddy on Disappointment. Great dads!

Heather Davies said...

John is such a sweetheart! I love the pictures of them. She is a beautiful girl!

Joy said...

Hey!!! It's been awhile. I saw that John had left a comment on Aric's FB and thought I would check out what you guys have been up to since dental school. Aric is still in residency, AND looking into a fellowship. Life's good, although I'm now getting the itch looking at your beatiful pics to LIVE it. Looks like your family had lots of fun this summer. - Joy Murphy

Tyson & Tera Smith said...

It's so weird to see pics of Riley and how grown up she is! Crazy! She is so so gorgeous! You better start preparing yourself, two more years and you guys will be loosing sleep at night:)