Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Week

It seems like I have had a busy week....and all of this on top of trying to get ready for Christmas.  For some reason, I just feel a little behind this year...mostly just in the shopping.  It is so hard to make sure that my kids get at least a few things they want (especially the older they get), and to also make sure that one kid doesn't get a lot more then the others. 

It certainly is feeling like a different Christmas season to me--without my dad.  I cannot say enough how much he loved Christmas.  He sure knew how to get into the spirit of giving at Christmas time.  MAN COULD HE SHOP!  He liked to buzz from store to store picking things out.  He loved to buy clothes for my mom.  He loved the color red, so he would pick out red dresses, suits, shirts, etc for my mom.  He always seemed to enter a store and have something picked out in no time flat.  He wasn't so much into "shopping around" and he had no problem making a decision.  This trait has not been passed to all the members of the family however.  Some of my sisters crack me up when it is time to make a decision on something.  It can be shear comedy watching them mull over a purchase (which is more a trait from my mom).

Riley and Brynn both had concerts this week that we attended. Brynn had her orchestra concert Wednesday night. She is playing the violin (this is her 2nd year).  
I was sitting in the very back of the auditorium, so I put on my large camera lens to take this picture. It looks like she is looking right at me.
Riley's concert was a choir concert and it took place on Thursday night in the same auditorium. Riley and two of her friends tried out for a special musical number and were chosen to perform it. I was very nervous for her. I know that she was nervous and wanted to do a good job. It is a lot of pressure when you are singing in a full auditorium. Their little trio sounded great!

My sweet little mom accompanied them on the piano.

After the concert we rushed over to my sister Lynette's house to watch her son open his mission call.  He was called to serve in England.  There were a lot of people both there and on the many different cell phones to hear him read his call.  What an exciting night!!  It is so much fun to watch a missionary open the call!  Congrats Austin!

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