Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringin' in the New Year - 2011

For the past 11 years we have had the tradition of ringing in the New Year with a wild family party.  This year, as most of the other years, we had the party at my sister Monica's house.  I guess that is what she gets for having such a large house.  Thanks Monica and Dave!  I'm not even sure what the count was for the total number of people there, but I know it was a lot and I'm too lazy to count.  He he!

Like usual, we had more food then we needed.  Shrimp, pigs in a blanket, veggie/fruit trays, cookies, 7 layer dip, deli style sandwiches, the list goes on.  Good grief, I'm hungry just thinking about it.  And of course you always eat until you are about to go into a food induced coma.

We played several games.  I think my most favorite was "Say Anything".  That game can be so funny when you are with a group that will really just do that...Say Anything! 

Every year we have a pinata for the kids.  This year, my brother-in-law, Rocky made the pinata.  He is an incredibly talented free lance artist.  He made it nice and large and indestructible...we need it to last through allllllll those kids!  It was big enough to hold LOTS of candy!

We ate, played games, ate some more, danced, broke a pinata, ate, and partied hard!  Oh, and did I mention that we ate!?  I think need to set some New Years resolutions after all that eating!

I am very blessed to have such a great and fun family!  I love them all!!

Waiting for the pinata smashing to begin!

The pinata and Peek-a-boo Dave!

I loved Haley's face as she was hitting it.  She was giving it her all!

It appears that Jace was relieving all his stress on the "bumble".

Brynn taking her best shot!

Go Riley!

Candy grab!  Everyone got MORE then enough!

Conga line!

Dancing in the New Year

Shortly after midnight Haley had enough!

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