Thursday, September 15, 2011

Promptings of the Spirit

A couple of weeks ago, John purchased some kayaks for the family.  It was a nice warm day, so we decided to load the kayaks on the top of the van and head to the lake.  John took all the seats out of the van except the front two seats, so he could put an already inflated raft inside.  He then left with one of the kids, and I took the rest in his car. 

We had a great time at the lake, and we were there for several hours.  By late afternoon, Riley and I were completely ready to go home.  We had been out in the sun all day, and it was getting close to dinner time.  I kept trying to convince John and the kids that we needed to head home.  They were not ready to go, so we continued to wait.  This went on and on for quite awhile---me convincing them we needed to go...they not wanting to go.
John kept telling me to take his car and head home with Riley...and I kept telling him that, that idea would not work because there were no seats for the Brynn, Jace, and Haley in the van.  He tried to convince me that they would be fine sitting in the back of the van inside the raft.  (I always make my kids wear their seat belts...and John well, let's just say that he doesn't care about seat belts as much).

Eventually, I grew tired of the coaxing, so Riley and I jumped in John's car and headed for home.  I left the lake, even though I didn't feel good about it.  We had only been in the car for a couple of minutes when Riley turned the radio down and started to cry saying, "We need to go back".  I asked her if she forgot something to which she replied, "No, I just feel like we need to go back".  I didn't question her another second, and we turned around and headed back to the lake.

When we got back to the lake, everything was fine and I was a little more content to wait until the kids were done playing.  I'm not sure what would have happened that day if Riley wouldn't have spoken up.  She said she too didn't feel right about it when we left, and didn't want to say anything.  After a few minutes in the car, she knew that she needed to listen to the promptings of the spirit and say something to me.  I am grateful that I didn't question Riley, and also that I too felt like we needed to go back. 

When we knelt down for family prayer that night, we thanked Heavenly Father for his guidance and protection that day.  We truly felt that He had watched over and protected us.


Anonymous said...

Wow great story! You really never know what could happen if you don't listen. My husband had a similar experience while we were on vacation for Labor Day.
In our case we knew what would have happened and we were also glad we listened. Glad your family is all safe.

Jill said...

What a sweet daughter-and amazing mom for listening. I love the pics too-looks like a picture perfect day.

Heather Davies said...

Riley is such an awesome girl!! Good for her to insist on going back, and good for you for trusting in her. I'm sure she will remember that for the rest of her life, and she will continue to follow the promptings of the spirit.