Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Rewind

Due to the "summer crazies", I was not able to post anything about Riley's 15th birthday. First of all 15...what the holy crap! I am so not a fan of her getting closer to "dating age 16". It almost causes a physical nauseous reaction in the pit of my belly. I certainly hope the boys she dates next year don't mind a long lengthy interrogation from BOTH John and I. Especially since (no offence men), BOYS ARE SUCH IDIOTS sometimes.

I already can stand waiting up for her to get back from stake dances. Not to mention watching the boys watch her when I drop her off at the high school for volleyball practice. I'm like, "HELLLLLO eyes off please"! So off my soap box and onto my post..

Riley and Hayden (a boy in the ward) have a birthday on the same day. They were born on the same day in the same hospital. A couple of years ago, Riley and Hayden celebrated their birthday together and had a joint party. This year, they decided to do a joint party again. The each invited several friends to a swimming/pizza party. They had a great time swimming, playing keep away, eating pizza, and just hanging out.  I was so entertained by just watching them all interact. 

Birthday Buddies

Hayden and the ladies

Riley with the guys

A CRAZY bunch!

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Heather Davies said...

Love the awkward jr. high phase! It cracks me up! It's also funny how much older the girls look than the guys. Happy birthday to Riley!! Uh-oh now the countdown to 16 begins. Better get your weapons permit. :)