Sunday, November 25, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 21

Day 21 - I know I already talked about this on day 2, but I didn't talk specifics.  I just said I was grateful for my family.  My sweet little family unit.  Now I want to talk specifically about each one.  I am grateful for each sweet little member in my family.

Riley is the oldest child in our family.  She is a Spaz with a capital S!  She is completely sarcastic and funny.  Sometimes she needs to dial the crazy down a little. :)  She is a total fun teenager.  I'm pretty sure she is making John's hair turn grey and me to have ulcers.
She is completely in LOVE with Peyton Manning.  It all started when we lived in Indiana.  She became a huge Colts fan and fell instantly in love with him.  Recently, Peyton was traded to the Denver Broncos.  Now, she is a total Denver fan...or I should say Peyton fan.  She will just continue to jump from team to team as long as he is playing.  Peyton was out for awhile with a neck injury.  His first game back, Riley sat on the couch a cried through a large portion of the game.  We all had to laugh a little at her.  What I wouldn't give for her to meet Peyton.  I'm sure she would cry her eyes right on out of her head! ha ha!

This hilarious wedding picture was photoshopped by Riley.  She took my sister and brother in laws face out of their wedding picture, and put her and Peyton's face in.  Oh my!  She realizes he is married with two kids.  She also realizes that I am not much older then Peyton.  Only she says HE is not old, and I am.  To me, this picture is extra funny because my mom and dad are in it with them.

Riley LOVES to drink Milk. She has the nickname "Milk girl" by some of her previous teachers. 

She went to a football game with a half a gallon of milk to drink there. Ha ha!  Who does that?!
While I was gone one night, Riley and her friend decided to make chocolate chip cookies.  A flour fight ensued.  Needless to say, the kitchen counter, floor, bathroom, shower, etc. were a total mess.  She knows how to do-it-up-right.  On a side note, they forgot to spray the pan, so the cookies were cemented to the pan.  Just lovely.

Riley is smart and always has good grades.  It seems like it is just easy for her.  Things just come natural.

She is also a fantastic piano player.  Like I said, things just come natural!

We are so happy that she is a member of our family!!

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