Sunday, November 25, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 22

Day 22 - I know I already talked about this on day 2, but I didn't talk specifics. I just said I was grateful for my family. My sweet little family unit. Now I want to talk specifically about each one. I am grateful for each sweet little member in my family.

Brynn is the second child in the family.  She is such a good girl, and always willing to help.  She is so responsible and is learning some great skills that will help her when she has a family of her own.  This started at a young age.  She always loved to pull a stool over to the counter and help grandma with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in the kitchen.

Whenever John has to go to his office after hours to work on a patient, he can always count on Brynn to go and assist him.  She is just great like that!

Brynn is funny like her older sister Riley, only in a different way.  Her teachers in school (that have had both Riley and Brynn) say that she is quiet, but very funny.

She was given a blanket when she was just a little baby.  It instantly became her favorite.  She still sleeps with it every single night.  Brynn was an easy-going baby...and now she is an easy-going teenager.

We sure appreciate her and love her so much!  We are lucky to have her in our family!!

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